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Friends Only 
20th-Jul-2009 10:54 pm
CL (2NE1)



Rule # 1: This community is ONLY for J-rockers and not other people
Rule # 2: We do not accept trash talking about people's work otherwise we will take action and ban you
Rule # 3: An LJ cut is highly reccomended otherwise post will be deleted
Rule # 4: When taking a layout please credit this community or the user who made it
Rule # 5: If you do not like something that someone has written please inform us so we may do something
Rule # 6: You may sell items here, but it must be strictly J-rock related
Rule # 7: Please respect what other people have written and posted
Rule # 8: To join this community please comment that you would like to join and what would you bring to the community

4th-Aug-2009 07:28 am (UTC)
Hi, I just requested to join your community..
I bring my love of all that is Jrock, and maybe a few stories if I can ever put what's floating around in my head down on paper.
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