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Welcome to J-image! Hope you enjoy this com ^^
Screening Process:

1. 1 post per week minimum (personal journal)
30 posts minimum. (This is the minimum for 2 months. The others are based on time on LJ)
EXEMPT: Those who have stated in a post that they are on hiatus.
2. Must have a minimum of 1 month on LJ
3. 1 comment per week minimum on any post, whether yours or not. Please provide the posts.
4. Must be willing to commit to the community as you commit to your own journal.

Please remember that this applies to current members of the community as well. ^_^ Thank you for your support.

We want to be a family! We love comments. Our screening process shouldn't take long, as the mods (gackt_jihaku , yuu_binkyoku , and aa_sou ) generally check email everyday. Thank you for your cooperation!
20th-Jul-2009 10:54 pm - Friends Only
CL (2NE1)



Rule # 1: This community is ONLY for J-rockers and not other people
Rule # 2: We do not accept trash talking about people's work otherwise we will take action and ban you
Rule # 3: An LJ cut is highly reccomended otherwise post will be deleted
Rule # 4: When taking a layout please credit this community or the user who made it
Rule # 5: If you do not like something that someone has written please inform us so we may do something
Rule # 6: You may sell items here, but it must be strictly J-rock related
Rule # 7: Please respect what other people have written and posted
Rule # 8: To join this community please comment that you would like to join and what would you bring to the community

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